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Products to Help Your Baby Sleep That are Actually Worth The Money

Doesn’t it just suck when things don’t live up to the hype?

You see something that promises big things, spend your hard earned money on it, and what happens? You’re disappointed - again! Now there’s less cash in your wallet, and another baby “thing” in your home.

I’m sure I tried every product out there that promised me a better sleep or easier life when it came to juggling my 3 kids. And I bet you’ve done something similar! But I’ll save as many of you as I can from making regretful purchases and filling up your basement with things that didn’t work out for your little one (that’s what Marketplace is for though, right?).

Needless to say, I’m passionate about things that will help your baby sleep longer, and that are well worth the investment. If they pull their weight, I’m all about them!

So here are my faves when it comes to sleep. Most of these are SO great for when you’re away from home too, which is an added bonus!

And PS. I’d like to think we know each other well enough by now, but in case we don’t, let me be upfront that a few of these links are affiliate links. This means I’ll get a small commission from them if you purchase it. So while I’ll get a small kickback, know that I 1000% believe in these products, and would also be telling you about them for free!

Okay, ready?

Favourite Sleep Tools

Hatch - This beauty does it all! Yes, it’s a little bit spendy, but when you consider that it covers all your needs from newborn into the toddler years, it’s well worth it. You can use it as a white noise machine, colour change toddler clock, and night light - which comes in clutch for those middle of the night diaper changes. It can also be controlled via your phone, so you don’t need to get off the couch to adjust the settings. Pretty smart, eh?

Sleep Sacks - You know that every sleep consultant is passionate about their sleep sacks - and for good reason! They are cozy, safe, and help keep your toddler from escaping their crib. When it comes to sleep sacks my favourites have to be the Halo and Zipadee-Zip! The Halo is fantastic as it’s sleeveless and has a 2-way zipper, so you can change diapers without fully taking them out of their sleep sack. And the Zipadee-Zip is great if you’re struggling to make that transition out of a swaddle, as it has a gentle compression around your baby’s belly, and their hands can be covered. You can’t go wrong with either of these!

Sleepout - This is easily my favourite blackout curtain! I’m always preaching about the importance of total darkness in your baby’s room, and the Sleepout curtain definitely delivers! These beauties operate like real curtains, so you can keep them open during the day, and their intense suction cups are effective, but are designed so they won’t damage your windows. They are by far the best blackout curtain I’ve come across when it comes to making the room completely dark, while also being functional. They also get an A+ for portability when traveling.

Slumberpod - It wouldn’t be a sleep favourites blog without the Slumberpod, right? This product is pure magic when it comes to travel, room sharing, or any sleep scenario that is out of the norm for your little one. Bunking with an older sibling? Slumberpod. On the road? Slumberpod. In a hotel but still want to live your life after 7 PM? Slumberpod. It is absolute gold in creating a separate space for your little one, when there otherwise isn’t. And it’s excellent for total blackout wherever you are, has a pocket to hang your monitor inside (so you still know what’s going on!), and even the option of a fan for more air circulation. It’s lightweight, easy to put up, and packs up nice and small in your luggage. I cannot say enough good things about it!

Psssst! If you’re in the market, use code HEALTHYSLEEP$20 for 20 bucks off your purchase!

Or if you’re in the Spruce Grove area, talk to me about renting one so you can take it for a test drive, or if you need it for something special.

Zenimal - This product is super cool, and finally something that I haven’t seen on the market a dozen times already! It’s screen-free meditation for your kiddo (and yourself, let’s be honest!) when they’re having a tough time handling all their big emotions. This is a fantastic tool throughout the day to help them practice mindfulness if they’re going through something, or to help them calm before they go to sleep.

Talli Baby Tracker - This is another amazing product that brings a unique flare to your world when you have young kids! The Talli Baby Tracker keeps track of all your baby’s feeds, diapers, sleep patterns, pumping sessions etc, all really fast! It helps give you peace of mind knowing where things are at! As moms, we’re very aware of the lack of hands or free time to be doing things unnecessarily - and the Talli sure takes care of it! It also connects to an app, so you can keep tabs without the device being within reach.

To my fellow Canadians, unfortunately this is only available in the States at this time. But they’re working on getting it here! Check in with me for an update on that.

Infant Carrier - Carriers are the BEST for so many reasons. Baby’s love to be close to their parents, but sometimes you really just need to have your hands free, right? Especially when you have a long list of things to do or other kiddos to care for. While I don’t recommend frequent contact naps after the newborn stage, sometimes they’re just necessary! There are so many good wraps on the market, but my favourites are the Moby stretch wrap when your babe is tiny, and the Tula and Aura Leaf ring slings as they get a bit bigger. There’s nothing like having your little one close to you, and they love feeling secure and close.

Sometimes babies just need a little assistance when it comes to sleep - and that’s okay! When your little one knows how to sleep independently, a little help is never a bad thing. These products are things that actually improve your babe’s experience (and yours!), and help them get the sleep they need.

Struggling with independent sleep? I’m here for you! Get in touch with me directly or peep my services for what will help you the most.

You’ve got this! Sleep is coming!

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